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  • Bidding Philosophy

Instead of giving you a "guesstimate" over the phone, we take the time to see the property ourselves and listen to your needs. When you consider the variables of building, you can see how a square foot price cannot be quoted over the phone or given without specifics. Here are just a few things that can affect the pricing of your bid:

  • Do you have a slope on your property? Drainage could be a problem, even on a property that is seemingly "flat."
  • What type of soil do you have? This determines what kind of preparation will be necessary before building on it.
  • Will your lot need blasting? Excavation is something many don't consider in their original budgeting­-be sure to include it in yours if necessary.
  • Will the lot need compaction? Some soil will require alternative methods to prep it for a quality foundation and sufficient drainage.
  • Will you need well water on the property? If so, consider how deep you will need to drill.

Assumptions on your part--or worse, the person quoting your project--is where most of the "horror" stories of building come from. That's why we make sure to consider every detail when bidding a project so that you can get an accurate, fair estimation of the money you'll be investing in your project.

Communication is what your project needs . . . not assumptions.

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Residential Additions & Remodels Insulated Concrete Homes System-built Homes Commercial