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  • Helpful Hints

Here are some helpful hints to help you realize a quality and hassle-free project:

  • Thoroughly check out anyone who will be contracting on your project. Ask for references, licenses, proof of insurance, and Workers' Compensation Insurance certificates.
  • In most cases, we recommend getting a survey of your property before work begins.
  • When dealing with land, get a soils report--this will ensure the correct design of the foundation.
  • Always use the final, detailed, structurally engineered bluepeints for every contractor's bid. These plans need to include:
    • Site plans to show where the house will sit on the property, including set-back requirements
    • General notes
    • Floor plans with details notes for each floor
    • Room finish schedule with detailed finish notes for each room or area
    • Window and door schedule with detailed notes (style, hardware manufacturer, glazing, swing, etc.)
    • Elevations with detailed notes, such as type of siding and related trim
    • Building cross sections and notes addressing roof system, type of plywood, insulation, stairs, and other important details
    • Electrical and plumbing plans with detailed notes (type of fixtures, outlet and switches, placement)
    • Foundation structure and details that include type and amount of rebar, pad size and placement
    • Structural framing plans for each floor, roof and deck, with detailed notes showing type and size of structural elements
    • All structural drawings needs to be stamped by a certified structural engineer.
  • Remember: Details and specs in the prints and contract are of the utmost importance to give you the finished product that you desire, and to ensure a fair and accurate cost.
  • A square-foot price should include fixtures, cabinets, roofing material, and many other varying factors. Understand that the price itself can fluctuate substantially based on the details you want to include.
  • When you are calculating a square foot cost, remember to include the garage and any decks.
  • Most of all, make sure you get what you want out of the project. Be sure to explore all your options so that you can truly be happy with the final outcome.

Please see Links / Subcontractors / Vendors for recommended architectural design and blueprints, financing, and other services.

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Residential Additions & Remodels Insulated Concrete Homes System-built Homes Commercial