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Residential Additions & Remodels Insulated Concrete Homes System-built Homes Commercial

Here are just a few examples of the great residential projects we have worked on. These home owners did their investigative work and had predetermined ideas and plans in mind. Their planning and decisiveness were rewarded with a smooth construction period and a home they can be proud of. Their foresight also provided all of the subcontractors who bid on the project a chance to give a line item proposal for comparison, saving the homeowners time and money.

All homes are available to view by appointment.

Copper Creek Ranch Estates

With a little imagination and a good designer, a "less than desirable" house was turned into a great home.

Sunset Ridge Addition

A larger kitchen and open room perfect for entertaining was created with this 1,000 sq ft addition.

Gilpin County Remodel

For the remodel and expansion of this 1960's log cabin, the logs for the new addition were replicated to match those of the original cabin.

Fraser Home

This home, which is now a weekend rental, was a "total gut" renovation, involving wiring, heating, insulation, drywall, windows, siding, and stone.

Deck Job Grand Lake

The multi-level deck not only considered the safety of the owners, but the earth and nearby Grand Lake were considered, as well.

Copper Creek Ranch Addition

Consisting of a two-story garage and airlock entry way, this addition and remodel was framed using the insulated concrete foam system.

Historical Renovations

Historical accuracy was the guiding principle for the renovation of several homes throughout Black Hawk and Central City.

Historical Black Hawk

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Residential Additions & Remodels Insulated Concrete Homes System-built Homes Commercial