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  • Look beyond the pretty pictures for quality of construction & integrity of your builder

The main concept that we want to get across is ...
pretty pictures only show what the client chose in design and finishes;
not the quality of construction and the integrity of the builder.

The client should investigate their builder / general contractor by inquiring about past homes built over 5 years ago, as well as recent jobs, and always ask for references, too.

Ask if they would hire this company again?

Have there been any problems or repairs needed?

Were there any communication breakdowns during and after the building process?

Did the builder use the materials quoted in their bid? Was the bid detailed?

How accurate was the bid? Any surprises?

Ask the builder ...

How complete or accurate is the bid he provides? Is everything detailed with brand name or description?

What materials does he use? Their bid may come in lower because they use less than the best materials, i.e., plywood vs. OSB (flake board) or staples vs. nails.

What insurance does he and any subcontractors he uses carry? Workers' Compensation helps protect the HOMEOWNER from being sued by the injured worker. Liability protects the HOMEOWNER if their home is damaged or destroyed by the contractors and their employees.

What is the warranty time period and exlusions?

How long has he worked with his subcontractors?

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Residential Additions & Remodels Insulated Concrete Homes System-built Homes Commercial