Pole Creek Home

160 loads or 2,000 yards of fill dirt were needed to make a usable building site for this beautiful home. Since this obviously meant a higher cost and longer timeline for the homeowner, site preparedness is definitely a consideration to make when you are looking for your land. The gain of a 180°+ view was the counterbalance for the money spent on dirt, rocks, and excavation.

The use of stucco and stone will help keep outside maintenance to a minimum.

Although not a requirement, the use of quality materials is always favored by Complete Construction. Remember to express your desire to use only quality materials in your project to your designer and contractor, as this may be an area where someone will skimp to save money, or come in with a lower bid. Pay attention during construction to be sure they follow through.

Local logs were machine peeled and then hand-carved and stained by our crew. Synthetic rock was laid with minimal mortar to give the appearance of a "dry stacked" method used by stone masons in the area, throughout history.

Metal railing is not only maintenance-free, it leaves an unobstructed view, and is less expensive than all log. We used log posts to match the houses's use of log accents.

This dry-stacked synthetic stone fireplace is visible throughout all three floors. Giving the owners two fireplaces with only one chimney--very stunning and cost effective.

Intricate roof lines can be impressive from the inside. This tongue-and-groove ceiling shows our craftsmanship, and how wood warms a tall room. Many roof lines will add a considerable amount of cost to a home.

Excellent placement, size, and quality of windows will give a passive solar gain to your home and help keep energy cost down. But beware, the sun will bleach your wood trim, doors, carpet, and furniture!

Design/drawings by Spacial Concepts

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